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by me | xnatsux

by me | xnatsux

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早見あかり 2012


早見あかり 2012

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Revolution - Shibuya by Simone Maroncelli on Flickr.
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Hakone Shrine 箱根神社 by plague doctor on Flickr.
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~~ by Hara Hara
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1DSMK3+100L by 无敌凹凸曼 on Flickr.
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02.04.2014 Beppu

Since Beppu is a place to relax Vash and I started the day with some breakfast at Gausto and continued at an Onsen not that far away from the station with a sand bath for 1050 Yen. It was my first time trying that out. Next was their Onsen. Since the temperature was around 43 degrees I only could stay inside for some minutes. Anyway, our skin is still smooth thanks to that nice place.

After that relaxing start we felt like going for an adventure. On a mountain we saw many beautiful Sakura. Our kind staff told us, that they’re part of an amusement park, so we planned to go up there with a bus to take some pictures. We had no idea why but most things said 休み (day off) that day. Also the Ropeway up to the amusement park. Anyway, the park would could in 70 minutes and we didn’t feel like spending 1,200 Yen for some Sakuras. There should be another way up to that mountain!

Like two heros of an adventure game we just randomly walked around and followed some street which ended at a river. It had a little sidewalk (which wasn’t made for walking actually) we used to get to a bridge. But how to get up to that bridge? There was no way. Next to us was someones garden I didn’t want to cross without asking.

When I saw a man comming outside the house I wasn’t sure how he react about our little adventure. We were lucky. The house was a hotel and he gave us the approval to cross that garden to reach the bridge. It was so nice there.

Walking up some more meters we found really beautiful Sakura and checked for another way to get further. Every way ended at some door, so Vash decided to try out to get up some stones to get to some farer away stairs. Since she didn’t die trying I could follow her. In the end we made it to the hiking path of Beppu. But somehow I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the way you should get there.

Our walk back to the town from that adventure will last as some nice memories forever. Beautiful weather, the sunset which colored or view and a lot of girl’s talk. Thank you for that wonderful trip, brave Vash!

Before freezing to death we made a brief stop at a nice restaurant for dinner. Some cats also would have liked to eat some Unagi, but they weren’t allowed to get in. What a pity.

After 9pm we went to our guesthouses bar to get our free drink. A lot of other people were there and we had a nice evening with Midori and Clement.

Today’s calendar:
Weather: sunny and warm
Distance: walk around Beppu

Positive: Going on an adventure
Negative: nothing

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